As a professional event planners in Singapore, no doubt you will be assigned to plan a wide variety of different types of events. There are a multitude of different events you will come across and all of them will be different from one another not only in theme and purpose, but also in the way you plan for them. While there are an abundance of different event types, some are much more prevalent and common than others and 5 of the more common event types we will be focusing on are:

  1. Award Dinner
  2. Anniversary Celebrations
  3. Dinner & Dance
  4. Product Launch
  5. Sporting Events

Award Dinner Events

Over at Tembusu Events, we’re one of the market leaders when it comes to planning and executing an Award Dinner event. Before we share more about our work, let us share more about what an Award Dinner is. An Award Dinner basically is an event that our customers want to hold to reward their staff for a job well done, or for long-service, etc. It usually encompasses an 8 to 10-course meal, together with entertainment and games, and most of the time, end off with a lucky draw.

As you know, Tembusu Events logo colour schemes symbolises motivating events, as well as communications through conversations. In our event planning and execution, we want to communicate staff and employee excellence, via our Award Dinner events. To make it a fun-filled event for your attendees, we will also engage renowned and entertaining celebrities or influencers to join us on stage to make it an event you can be proud of!

Below are some of our previous events held at different venues across Singapore. Some venues are traditional venues such as 5 or 6 stars hotels. There are also other interesting venues such as outdoor or even at Sentosa.

event planner

Anniversary Celebrations Events

Anniversary events or what the industry commonly calls ‘special events’ are usually events held to celebrate the birth anniversary of a company, or of a product. In layman’s terms, you may have heard of the mega event called SG50, where Singapore celebrated our 50th birthday in style. Over at Tembusu Events (Professional Event Planners in Singapore),  we, as the creative event producers, need to think of creative and affordable ideas to wow our customers as well as their internal and external stakeholders. In today’s Covid-19 endemic situation, we will usually propose to do a hybrid event. A hybrid event means there are both physical, as well as online virtual events so that your staff (in the hundreds or thousands) as well as your customers, suppliers and partners can also join in the event and celebrate together as 1.

Here is an example of a Hybrid event that we did for some of our customers last year in 2021.

Dinner & Dance Events Dinner and Dance events are a uniquely Singaporean tradition where a company spends resources organising a large party for all its employees to celebrate the hard work and effort they have put in for the year.
Dinner and Dance event planner in singapore
Company Dinner and Dances are usually held in ballrooms or hotels and have the company’s employees come dressed in their most lavish attires ranging from tuxedos to ballroom gowns. Employees who attend the Dinner and Dance are given the chance to build on existing relationships with their colleagues and mingle with colleagues they might not be acquainted with from other departments.  The focus and purpose of Dinner and Dances is a social gathering where the employees can enjoy themselves and connect with others while the company gets to show their appreciation for their employees’ hard work. As a reputable and resourceful event planner in Singapore, we are sure to give you wow ideas to make your next event the best event ever!
Singapore event planners
As for planning for a Dinner and Dance, one of the key points that can make or break the event is the venue. Having a proper ballroom and hotel hall which can both provide a good atmosphere and accommodate all the employees is essential. After a proper venue has been booked, the next most important part is the food and beverage you wish to serve, the “Dinner” part of the event.
Event Planners Singapore
There are many options available like if you book a hotel venue, the hotel may provide catering services, external catering services, etc. Next, you need to decide if you wish to provide any entertainment or mini-events like hiring a speaker or DJ, hosting a lucky draw or even having a photobooth so that the employees can have a keepsake of their time during the event. In the picture below, we’re very proud to have been given the opportunity to work with 1 of the most funny and talented actors in Singapore – Mr Gurmit Singh!
Event Planners in Singapore
Product Launch Events Product Launch events are when a company hosts a special event to present a new product to the market and make it available to the public for the first time. A successful product launch starts before the actual release date of the product and its effects will be felt long afterwards. 
The purpose of a product launch is to build hype and anticipation, facilitate an initial influx of sales and establish momentum that the company can capitalise on. However, not all product launches are the same as there are many different types of Product Launches and the 3 common kinds are:
  1. Soft Launch –  the product is not advertised and mostly goes under the radar of the general market. These are usually done for products sold from one business to another or for products which are not quite ready for the spotlight and may instead benefit from having a select audience look at them.
  2. Minimal Launch – For smaller products or products with small incremental changes. Only a small amount of marketing is done for the product to let the market get word of it and not spend a fortune on marketing.
  3. Full-scale Launch – For mainline products where a lot of marketing is done to get the word out to the market and your target markets. A lot of time and energy is spent to make the event happen as well as budget for marketing.
Product Launch by event Planner Singapore

When planning for a Product Launch event, the venue is also very important and can vary based on the product. If possible, try to associate the product with the venue. For instance, if you’re releasing new software or hardware choose a venue that’s been used for technology like IT shows. Also, if you cater to a local demographic, the venue should also be fairly close to your business so that you don’t make your guests commute a large distance to get to the location. You should also plan for what happens during the event like if you wish to have a live demo for tech products or hands on demos, etc.

Sporting Events

Sporting Events are probably the most common and prolific event type with some of the big names like the Olympics, NBA championships, World Cup of Soccer and the Tour de France. When planning for a sporting event (Conceptualized and executed by a professional Singapore event planners), it is important to keep in mind the potential audience as you do not wish to have too little seats or area for the audience but also not have a venue with too much empty space.

Sporting events by event planners

When planning for sporting events of any size, it is important to hire an events company with the right ‘heart’ (passion), as well as the right ‘hardware’ (technical expertise, resourcefulness and human resources) to run and manage your event.

For the venue you might want to find a common area where commuting is easy. Sporting events should be held in their respective fields/stadiums like a soccer stadium for soccer or an ice ring for ice skating or hockey.

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