Event planning can be a very daunting task, especially so if done in a professional setting. Luckily for you, hiring a Singapore event planners company to plan your important event can save you from potential headaches and hours of sleep lost over stressing about the event. So, what are the secret formulas these professional event planners use to have smooth and efficient planning of events?

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The answer surprisingly is much simpler than it seems. To streamline professional event planning, there are 3 Cs that are used by professional event planner companies. 

The 3 Cs of Singapore Event Planners are:

1. Event Concept
2. Event Coordination
3. Event Control

Event conceptualizing is a very important step as it helps determine the 5 Ws of the event, being: 

1. Why – Determine the purpose of the event. Is it to inform or educate the community about a cause? Is it to Raise funds? Is it an award ceremony? A wedding or funeral? The intent of the event and what it aims to achieve must be clearly stated from the start. Do take note that Special Events are not easy to administer and run. You need to properly seek help from a reputable event planner in Singapore to ensure the best results!

2. Who – Determine the major stakeholders or key personnel involved in the event. This dictates the type of event to conduct and helps with the necessary information to bring together the creative elements of the event.

3. When – Determine the date of the event early so that adjustments can be made to have adequate time to prepare the event.

4. Where – Determine the location of the event which will help narrow down potential venues and their availability.

5. What – Determine the needs, wants, desires and expectations of the target audience and this must synergize with the why, who, when and where of the event.

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Event Coordination is the next step and involves the planning phase of the event. The first step of this planning process is to develop a theme. (For theme-based events, the most commonly done events are Dinner & Dance events.) Followed by other important steps like establishing proper budgeting, creating proper timelines, selecting and booking event venues, planning the food and beverages as well as entertainment, selecting speakers for the event, arranging for equipment and facilities, coordinating transportation and much more. It is also very important to create contingency plans in case any plans fall through. During this phase extra care and attention must be given to every detail of the event to ensure no mistakes or potential problems should arise.

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Event Control is the 3rd and final C in the 3 Cs of professional event planning. In this phase, actual progress of the event preparation and planning is compared to the actual plan and control measures will be created and put into action accordingly. Resources are measured and scheduled work adjusted to keep in line with the plan to avoid scope creep or deviation to ensure that the event is able to be delivered on time and within budget. Event control also deals with conflict resolution should any arise as well as supplier and vendor relationship matters.

With this new found knowledge, the daunting event planning process should seem much more manageable so long as you follow the 3 Cs of Concept, Conceptualizing and Control which are used by many Singapore event companies.  

Of course, in the end these are guidelines and can’t help you solve every issue you might encounter as each event will be different. However, if you stick to them most potential hiccups or issues can be overcome without much trouble. If you need reliable and professional event management companies to help you out, just drop us a note.

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