Our Logo depicts a well grown tree with a healthy crown and a sturdy trunk. As with its namesake the Tembusu Tree, the company is native to Singapore and is part of its vibrant business ecosystem. The crown of the tree is outlined by 3 clusters of speech bubbles in 3 different color schemes; inspired from the 3 core values that guide the company. Trusted in green, Evolutionary in purple and Consistent in blue. Speech bubbles were chosen as conversation is the desired outcome motivating events and communications. The trunk of the tree is formed by 2 human silhouettes with their arms raised. This application stems from the believe that people are the bedrock of all organisations; and the business of events and communications is about inspiring people and motivating lives


Tembusu Events and Communications an events and communications company built on the three main principles of TRUSTED, EVOLUTIONARY and CONSISTENT, is your premier full-time professional events conceptualisation and management partner for all your event needs, ranging from niche private events to mega scale public ceremonies in Singapore, as well as around the Asia region.

Tembusu Events and Communications value adds to the team building and corporate events needs of the Community in Singapore and Asia. Combining refreshing concepts with precise delivery, Tembusu Events and Communications will lead the market in providing corporate events for its clients.

We are committed to quality by every person who is part of the team and aims to achieve its mission through the following code of ethics, shared by every person of the team:

1. Consistent, accurate fulfillment of the client’s wishes.2. Competitive pricing for the quality of services offered.3. Creative and refreshing concepts & solutions with concise delivery.

In the area of team building, Tembusu Events and Communications offers specially curated team building activities for both small and large teams; across the forming, storming, norming and performing development stages.


Two experienced event directors, Melvyn Chia and Darryl Lim, helm TEMBUSU. They aim to put together their years of experience in planning and delivering a full spectrum of events from niche activities for core groups to large scale public ceremonies in Singapore, as well as the Middle East and the Asia region. With a combined experience of eight years with excellent track records, both of them have delivered many successful events to both the corporate and public sectors.