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What is A Dinner & Dance?

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As an Event Planners Singapore, We organize Dinner and Dances (D&D) which are social events held annually to celebrate the company’s success and milestones. It is a way for employers to show appreciation to their employees and give recognition to everyone’s efforts to achieve the company’s goals for the year with a special celebration. Additionally, it is an opportunity for the leadership team to highlight the company’s values and share the company’s culture. As 1 of the top event planners in Singapore , we’ve conducted many dinner and dance events over the last decade. We’re excited to share that over the last 2 years, many companies have also pivoted to do a blended event consisting of both virtual events as well as traditional events. Arrange a call with us using the floating ‘Telephone Button’ at the bottom of the site and let us share our success stories with you!

This annual corporate event allows employees an opportunity to connect with each other in a celebratory atmosphere, fostering a stronger and more cohesive community. Moreover, it helps to boost the company culture by engaging all employees through a night filled with fun and activities. It is arguably one of the main events that people look forward to as they unwind from work and indulge in delectable food with lots of laughter and entertainment.

How To Plan A Successful Dinner & Dance?

A successful Dinner and Dance event involves a lot of planning and execution from the get-go; from establishing your Dinner and Dance event goals and objectives, creating an event budget, sourcing for decorations, entertainers/emcees and caterers to selecting a fun theme that will spark excitement amongst your co-workers – and the list goes on!

We understand that planning such an event is a feat. However, with the help of professional event organizers, we can streamline the entire process from conceptualisation to realising the actual event to ease your worries and make your Dinner and Dance a successful and memorable one. Our aim is to ensure that every single employee, including the organising committee, will fully enjoy the activities, entertainment and food throughout the whole event!

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At Tembusu Events and Communications, no event is too big or small for us. With a dedicated team of event professionals with years of experience and a proven track record, we will ensure that your Dinner and Dance event is an unforgettable one for you and your guests.

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