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What Are Special Events?

As an experienced and professional event planner in Singapore, we are brimming with confidence (and also unique ideas) to handle your next big event. Special Events are one-off events that are tailored to our client’s specific goals and requirements. It is specially curated exclusively to meet the objectives and aspirations of the event. As a creative event planner in Singapore, let us wow you with our ideas, and yet pleasantly surprise you with our incredible value over your investment into the event. As the name suggests, special events does not fall into any specific category such as Anniversary Dinners or Dinner & Dance. It may be a hybrid of standard event types with additional objectives that require creative ideas and technical expertise to create an one-off event that will leave a lasting impression for all guests. We’re proud to share that in today’s Covid-19 endemic, our events can be planned and executed based on a physical as well as hybrid event model. We’re sure your guests will be wowed by how creative and accommodating our event programmes are for them.

Unique Ideas To Surprise Your Guest

Depending on the target audience and the event objectives, the event venue is also an important approach to complete the event by bringing an element of WOW and surprise to the guests, thus enhancing the event experience and impression. Through our network of close partners from special venue spaces, to exquisite caterers with the ability to customize menus, we promise you that our special events will outshine any traditional event held in a hotel with a standard 8-course dinner.

We’re also excited to share with you the possibilities of hosting a virtual events for your company, blended in with traditional events held at hotels or ballrooms. As an event planners Singapore, We have executed many hybrid/traditional events over the last 2 years and we’re excited to share the possibilities with you.

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 Tembusu Events and Communications are virtual events organiser adept in planning events of any scale that cater to a variety of occasions that are both formal and informal, shown by our wide repertoire of Special Events that we have specially curated with our past and existing clients, Our Events Company like to push boundaries with new ideas whilst fully catering to your needs and vision of the event and ensuring that all goals are met. With a team of passionate event organisers, we will ensure that journey in organising the virtual events will be a pleasant and relaxed one.

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Tembusu Event manages Product Launches, Sporting Events, Virtual Events, Corporate Events, Theme Parties, Conferences and many more. Our professional event planners are committed to providing you with an extraordinary event experience that results in tangible Returns-on-Investment within a stress-free budget. We conceptualize and run events and conferences that will impress your staff, customers and other attendees. We are proud to share that we have run different types of events (big and small) for both local and international customers. Our clients come from industries such as Information Technology, Healthcare, Government, Finance, Sports and many more.

What our event company do for your event?

  • Develop the theme 
  • Choosing a suitable venue for your event
  • Installation of props
  • Stage Decoration
  • Sound & Speaker management
  • Collateral decoration
  • Event Stage colors and design
  • Attendee registration
  • Refreshment or starter snacks for visitors
  • Lunch or Dinner planning
  • Floor Planning
  • Event live on Social Media and on Virtual Platform
  • Professional staff to support on event
  • Many more

Over at Tembusu Events, we’re very proud to share that we have conducted many special events over the last 10 years. As 1 of Singapore’s most experienced event planners, we are confident to be able to gather your ideas and execute the entire event out for you. 

We endeavor to make your next event a unique, remarkable and fun one for you and your management to enjoy. 

How big should our event be? We are not sure.

The scale of the event is determined by your company’s requirements, budget and ultimately, the wow factor. Your event can be a small, company-focused gathering (say for less than 100 pax) or a huge regional or national gathering (for approximately 10,000 people).

We need an event solution. What should we do?

At every stage of your corporate event planning, we seek to provide you with a seamless, comfortable and professional experience. 

If you’re looking for an event solution to inspire, motivate, &/or entertain your audience, we’ve got you covered. 🙂

Our event professionals are dedicated to ensuring that everyone who attends your event has the greatest experience ever! 

Do you have hybrid event experience?

Over the past 2 years, our event company in Singapore have conceptualized and planned numerous hybrid events for the clients. As 1 of the most experienced virtual events organizers in Singapore, we utilize cutting edge information technology to ensure that your next virtual or hybrid event will be 1 that goes above your expectations.

We will constantly go above and beyond for our clients. Check out our numerous client reviews and feedback that we’ve garnered over the last decade!