Event planner is an entire industry on its own that’s filled with firms that offer different event planning services at different price points, but even within the space itself it is common to find a lot of heterogeneity to fit ever changing consumer needs. Some of the more common event projects include weddings, private parties and company dinner and dance. However, there is also a large market for formal corporate events such as trade shows, seminars and product exhibitions. In this new-normal, most event planner have pivoted their business model and manage both physical and virtual events, this gives them a lot more leeway in catering to their clients and reaching unexplored markets. Some of the world’s leading event organisers have planned events for royalties and celebrities all over the world, commanding above-market prices for their services and leaving Instagram worthy images all over your feed. Here are some of the major players in the industry with international presence that we take inspiration from for the past years

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MKG is an event management company that is making headlines for their immersive brand experiences, never expect anything less than spectacular from MKG. The event planner firm that is based in New York and Los Angeles is a highly sought after events management company where their customer base includes high profile celebrities or multinational beauty brands. Every business has a niche and for MKG, their magic includes tailor-made event sets for instagram that constantly go viral for its trendy concept.  Some of their long-standing clients include brands like Google, Facebook and Netflix. As a women-owned and operated creative agency, MKG’s brand vision has an emphasis on brand action where businesses and their consumers would share engagement through similar values and interaction in the real-world. Their portfolio is full of familiar set-designs that you might have caught a glimpse on through Instagram and they include product launches, exhibit designs and experiential experiences.
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EVENTive is a marketing group event planner located in New York City that offers a wide variety of services across its portfolio, some of them include branding, marketing and event production.  The firm prides themself on breaking traditional boundaries that exist in formal event settings such as for corporate gatherings or educational seminars. The head of EVENTive, Charlotte Bradrick  was inspired to create lasting brand associations through experiential event marketing and believes in the impact of design and the impressions it creates. They have a way of bringing the brand closer to the consumer and does so by designing creative event sets that aim to build relatable and personable experiences.  They are the go-to organiser for brand campaigns and product launches.

MGM resorts event planner

MGM resorts

You’ve definitely heard of MGM resorts, they are famously known for designing and organising bigger than life parties in Las Vegas, Nevada. MGM resorts is definitely internationally known event planner and are unafraid to push the scale of their events to the next level. Unsurprisingly, they have a diverse amount of projects under their watch and the list starts from fashion shows, concerts, weddings, award shows and trade shows and it goes on and on.  As most of their events are tied to the entertainment or fashion industry, they have become relatively well-known for their prolific events that attract A-list celebrities and high profile public figures. Bonus points include their expert team of designers, artists, entertainers and technicians that work on each and every project with perspective and skills that bring visions into life. Resourceful and innovative, engaging MGM resorts would mean that your event is in safe and trusted hands.

Collin Cowies event planner

Colin Cowie

Located in New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Colin Cowie is a TV celebrity known for planning extravagant events that involve luxurious touches. He is known for his immaculate taste and attention to details, which means that no two events are the same. The event planner company offers private events such as weddings, grand openings, themed parties and corporate events. Apart from organising events, the Colin Cowie brand has a division that provides hospitality services exclusively to meet the needs of high-net worth individuals. Some of the services under the hospitality division include food and beverage catering for high profile dining experiences, customized flight experiences and customised design of inanimate objects or spaces to suit the occasion.

TAG event planner

TAG events

TAG events is a global event management group and group travel management company that has been around for almost four decades. Equipped with their wealth of experience and massive portfolio under their belt, TAG events is confident that their experts can bring your vision from conception to completion in this new-normal. Whether you’re seeking a live, virtual or hybrid event, they strive to achieve success through effective collaboration. From brand experiences to study tours, event logistics, partner conferences, celebrations and product exhibitions, they have had completed projects in every industry imaginable in the market and did so by sticking to their key strategy of incorporating technology and raw creativity as part of their solutions. The great thing about TAG events is that its reach is global, and its expert team of planners would be able to utilise local knowledge to curate experiences for your consumers and so their services are always personalised and personable.
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