Why Do You Need An Event Organiser?

Service event organiser in Singapore, many companies have delegated the task of organizing the company’s recreation and welfare events to the Human Resource Dept. This is deemed to be most appropriate as the department should be well placed in formulating the year’s events, as it’s largely an employee benefit. However, the job of an event organizer is a complex one and the HR staff will be bogged down by the organization of the events and will suffer a drop in productivity and efficiency in their daily work and tasks.

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An event organiser is one whom is responsible for the production of events from conception to completion. The role of event organiser is hands-on and often involves working as part of a multi disciplined team. The Event Organiser must be able to complete a wide range of activities requiring clear communication, excellent organisational skills and attention to detail. They must work well under pressure, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of an event.

Another important trait of an event organiser is the experience and exposure to the many ideas to create and conceptualise events that will create an impact and lasting memory for those who attends the event. This experience and ability can only be gained through organising events in a professional capacity and spending a considerable time in organising events at all levels.

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Understanding this, the Human Resource Department of the company may not be the best people to be appointed as event organisers due to their existing workload, as well as their lack of experience and exposure to the ideas and latest trends in events organisation. While it will require the company to allocate additional budget funding for to engage and outsource the task to a professional event organiser, the returns of investment may be greater in terms of the following:

    • Higher productivity and efficiency by internal staff as they can better concentrate on their daily work.
    • Less staff will be required to organize the event and run the event on the actual day. This will also mean that more staff can sit back, relax and enjoy the event while the professional event organisersgoes around doing their job.
    • Staff will be able to better appreciate the recreation and welfare activities as the activities are now professionally organised and have the correct concept to create a lasting impression and impact for the staff attending the event.

Finally, the professional event organisers usually will have a long list of partners, contractors and vendors whom has been tried and tested, thus giving the client peace of mind during the events. The professional event organisers will also be able to understand the many different challenges and constraints of the event venue, performer requirements, equipment requirements and lastly contingency planning, enabling them to be able to formulate the proper plan to achieve success for the event efficiently and effectively.

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